Work by Edward Aldrich

We are fine art frame makers, with a specialization in closed-corner frames.

You may have noticed that the frames available in stores today are not high quality, they lack durability or are prone to falling apart at the seams. The reason we produce closed-corner frames is because of their strong, museum-like qualities.

Closed-corner frames are finished after they are joined. This process makes a frame more like a piece of finished furniture, the corners are clean and gapless and are very strong and enduring. We hand-sand each frame multiple times before finalization, which allows for a perfect surface for gilding or wood veneer inlays. Because our frames are hand finished, the original wood does not show, unless intended. The closed-corner process also allows for a wide range of variety and artistry in the frame itself. Frames can be made from a specific molding or they can be hand-crafted into intricate weighted, artistic designs. We can apply any finish on any frame. Mixing and matching are more than doable.

We utilize delicate art-handling processes. All of our products are acid-free and we have four options of glass when art requires it.

Our frame-making expertise includes: