Hand Wood Carving


We pride ourselves in our intricate hand wood carvings. We use precise drawings to mark out each individual design on our various mouldings. We then slowly carve out each area with wood tools and gently sand to give a soft but detailed edge to each carved design before it goes through the rest of the closed-corner process.

Carving designs can be very simple, such as some small accents in the corners of a frame, to add a unique touch,  or they can be very intricate, where portions of the wood are shaped into an artwork of its own. We help our clients determine what will fit best with their vision and artwork.

As each work is custom, we are able to work with artists to design exactly what is needed, however, we need to speak with you about what you want and see your piece to determine what will look best. If this sounds like the option you are looking for please,  contact us.

Carved moulding samples can be viewed here.